Portland's classic bossa and Brazilian jazz band

Dom Salvador

March 3, 2020

Dom Salvador and meIt was such a thrill to meet this amazing 81-year-old legend at at Brooklyn’s River Cafe, where he has performed for 40 years. (Especially since we will be featuring his music at our upcoming Classic Pianos “Music of Brazilian Piano Legends” concert.)

Dom Salvador is the composer of beautiful tunes like Gafieira, Para Elis, and Tematrio. He’s been recording since mid-1960’s, and his works range from samba-jazz classics to 70’s fusion. (Recently, there was a great article in The New York Times about him.)

I met the pianist through Laura Dreyer, a saxophonist/flutist/mutual friend. He knew that I was a big fan of the composer Durval Ferreira, so he slyly threw in “E Nada Mais” while we watched him play. Then, he wanted to chat with Laura, so he asked me to sit down and play (I wasn’t nervous at all, NOT).

Afterwards, he played a bunch of choros, Brazilian jazz, and jazz standards with Laura while I listened with rapt attention. He had an entire library of fake books at the side of the piano, everything from Mário Mascarenhas to Jewish songs. “I would go crazy if I weren’t playing something different all the time,” he joked.

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